Blue River Technology Takes In Another $10M For Its Agriculture Optimizing Robots

Blue River Technology, which uses robotics and computer vision to optimize agriculture by, for instance, determining which lettuces to thin out of a row and which to keep, has closed a $ 10 million Series A-1 funding round, led by Data Collective Venture Capital — topping up a $ 3.1 million Continue reading

King Falls 15% On Its IPO Day, Erasing $1.1B In Market Cap

Today King went public, and immediately was given a raspberry by investors who sent its stock price down throughout the day, hammering the company to the tune of more than 15 percent and $ 1.1 billion in value. A good flotation this was not. In fact, it was the worst so far this year. Read Continue reading

Lithium To Acquire Social Influence Scoring Site Klout For $200M

Social customer service company Lithium Technologies will announce on Thursday morning that it has acquired Klout for almost $ 200 million in cash and private stock, says Fortune. Read More TechCrunch » Startups Continue reading

How to disable Windows 8’s deep cloud integration, piece by piece

You can accuse Windows 8.1 of a lot of things, but one thing you can't say about Microsoft's latest OS is that it lacks web integration. Thanks to deep integration with Bing, OneDrive, and other Microsoft online services, Windows 8.1 is most definitely where the desktop meets the cloud. Not Continue reading

HP Spectre 13 x2 review: This hybrid falls short of the hype

HP’s latest 2-in-1 detachable hybrid breaks some new ground: It’s a notebook PC with a spacious, high-res 13.3-inch screen you can pull off its keyboard base. Once separated, the Spectre x2 becomes a thin and light tablet—at least for its size. But the whole is less than the sum of its parts. The Continue reading